Shade Tree Commission

The River Edge Shade Tree Commission is comprised of borough residents appointed by the mayor.  Their goal is to maintain the health of borough trees and ensure we continue to have tree lined streets.

Members are certified through  CORE training with the NJ Community Forestry Program and perform continuing education to maintain proper protocols.  They work in conjunction with the River Edge Department of Public Works to maintain and sometimes remove trees troughout the borough.

Important Information from the Shade Tree Commission

River Edge Shade Tree Commission

Trees Please! Cool shade. Clean air. 

A program to encourage the planting and stewardship of trees in our community

River Edge has lost extensive canopy cover over the past ten years due to environmental changes, construction, invasive pests, and the removal of trees on private property at an increasing rate without replacements. 

When properly planted and cared for, trees can promote health, save energy, reduce rainwater runoff, and reduce overall costs to taxpayers. Trees also provide a place of community in an urban setting while increasing property values.  In an effort to restore our beneficial urban forest, we are asking residents to contribute to this cause. In addition to the town-wide street tree planting in the fall, we are educating residents about the benefits of planting trees on their property.  Click the links below for resources on how to choose the right tree for the right spot and how to properly plant and maintain trees.  

Please note: residents may only plant trees on their own property. Typically this is 10-12 feet in from the curb, on the inside of the sidewalk or you can plant in your back and side yards.  When planting trees take the mature size of tree into account. In general plant at least 10 feet from driveways, sidewalks, paths, seating areas, decks, fences, and other structures. You can always call the RESTC if you would like some more guidance on planting trees.  

  • Trees Are Good: Tree Owner’s Manual – this guide takes you through the steps of how to properly select, plant, and maintain the right tree for your yard.  
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